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Sunday, September 18, 2016

I think she is going crazy

Lynettea found my toy sunbear, that I used to play  with when  I  was  young. She  tried  to  make  me  play  with  it  again,  even  though  I  didn't  seem  all  that  interested.
She  was  actually  talking  to  it  and holding  it  up  for  me  to  sniff. Then  she held  it  by  one  paw  and  took  it  for  'walkies' on my artificial  grass. I felt embarrassed  for  her. Fortunately no one else was here to see. If she is shut up somewhere as a crazy person  there may  be  no  one  to feed  me.
I had better try to calm her down.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Spring tulips haiku

Diamond was very keen on haiku and a great haiku poet. His guidelines for kitties to write haiku are on this blog. So I am posting a link to a spring picture with haiku. Kitties who are accomplished at haiku (see Diamond's guidelines), can enter their haiku and possibly have their haiku displayed with the tulip picture.

If you scroll down past the guidelines, you enter your haiku in the comments box and read the other haiku that have been submitted.

Monday, September 5, 2016

A Gift for ME?

A friend brought some flowers  around.

Are they for me?

Oh. Apparently not. What a fuss!

I will just look out the window.

Relaxing in my play area

I am relaxing on my mock fur mat in the spring sunshine, while Lynettea cleans and tidies the house for me. She put down another rug on my mock grass, just  in  case  I  got  too  hot, and  I  moved  onto  it  for  a  while, but  then  I  went  back  to  the  sunny  spot.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

I have my little paws up to her shoulders

My human is very difficult to manage and I could do with some advice. When she is sitting for too long, I get worried about her health. I go up to her and put my little paws up to her shoulders, or give her tiny, clawings. She wriggles about and pushes me off or says, 'Don't claw me, Sasha! That is very naughty.'
Then I do it again a few times, or I leap in the sink, or I go back and lie in my cosy.
I think she is sometimes sorry for her bad behaviour, as she eventually gets up. Then she might get more food for me, or take me for a walk, or have a game with me and my toys, or give me an all over brushing with my special baby brush.
And she sometimes says, 'I am sorry, Sasha. I do love you very much and I haven't been paying you attention.'
That is okay, until the next time.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Trying to get some sleep

This morning was again disrupted. A huge truck from the Council was outside our house, with a Council worker blowing leaves from under the parked cars. The cars rest beside the kerb for a lot of the time in the street. Sometimes I wonder where the owners are. I was concerned and ran into the kitchen.
Lynettea said, 'Don't worry Sasha. I will protect you.'
After her recent complaints to Council, this was the result. A completely disrupted morning. She didn't apologise, although she is aware I hate noise.
The truck went back and forth until all the leaves were  swept up and then it went off to bother other cats trying to get their morning rest.
At last, into the cosy.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Greetings to my Friends, and pictures of some big kitties

It seems a long time since I was able to post on my blog. Lynettea says she has been busy on haiku business, but that is not a good excuse.
I am hoping it will not be raining tomorrow and I can get my play area set up again. As there have been showers, all my equipment is stacked on the table in the middle.
We did go out for a brief walkies today, but I decided to come in again quickly. There are still pits along the street, surrounded by orange netting. I like looking into the holes to see what is going on, but Lynettea is not happy with them.
She went into the Council to complain.
She also complained about rubbish, such as a mattress and chairs, dumped in the street for weeks or months. She told them it was not acceptable. Someone then came and picked up the mattress and chairs, but other people have now put out other bits and pieces. We have a hard rubbish collection, but that is not for some weeks.
The Gas Board is responsible for the pits. I keep telling her she will have to telephone them again. Although I don't mind too much, as they are more entertaining than pavers.
As I have no new photos of ME, Lynettea said I could use these ones she took on Monday of some big kitties at Monarto Zoological Park. She was in the bus that goes around the park. The lions were right near the bus, so everyone had a good look and all snapped away with their cameras.

Close up of Lions at Monarto Zoological Park South Australia

Lions further away at the park.