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Thursday, May 17, 2018

What can I do?

Maybe we can watch TV together if SHE switches it on. I am not sure if I can get in my tunnel. I might get trapped in there. Maybe I could EAT if SHE put some food down.
I have to eat off my flat plates and use my litter without its cover. Very uncivilized.  But my flat plates are stoneware not plastic, so not too bad.
Lets watch some upmarket or exotic programs with hints for cats, or a suitable film of my choice.
What about 'Born Free'?

Woe is Me

I was trying to send my GPS position with my last post when the Vet came out and snatched me. Too late for any rescue attempt.
I decided to appear very compliant and squatted on the examination bench, although it was freezing cold. Why don't they heat these things. Yet another torture instrument.
 After being felt all over in the usual intrusive manner, I was weighed on the scales in the hall.
Fortunately no dogs were in the hall, although straight after that the Vet had to leave me and rush out to see to a dog that had swallowed a sponge in the dreaded back room. What were they doing to it? I dare not think.
I forgot to mention that I have a scrape in my ear and have been working at it with my claws. So after my vaccinations, the Vet jabbed extra needles in me, hacked off my claws and put the bucket on my head.
One good thing, he told Lynettea that my weight was fine and I could continue eating as much as I wanted.
But now I can only go out into my enclosure on the lead, because she is scared of me falling off the walkway with the bucket on. And what about my grooming?


where am i in the dark

i am in the cage help

something is up

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

cat flap

She has been fiddling around with the cat flap, testing what position it opens and shuts.
Probably nothing to worry about.