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Friday, February 16, 2018

You are safe with me, Sasha

I look up suspiciously. What is she up to now?
Oh no! I am fading. I am sure I had more colour!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Cats stay for meowgaritas

Several of our visitors stayed during this evening. We had cattails, mostly meowgaritas, although some preferred to mix theirs with nip. Fortunately we have catnip growing semi-wild in the garden. I don't take to it at all, preferring a bit of cat thyme any day. But some kitties got so stimulated by rolling in the nip plants that they had to stay in the bedroom for a while listening to soft music so they would calm down.
The nip was flattened, but no doubt it will perk up in a day or so.
After supper, Lynettea gave the remaining kitties a massage with my massage brush. Most found this very relaxing. The house was full of purrs.
Then the last of our visitors went home, full of purrs of regret that they had to leave. I think the turning point was when Lynettea told us that she would have to leave early tomorrow morning and would not be able to provide bacon sandwiches and micecream for breakfast. Most kitties said they had to go back to supervise their humans, but we wondered.
It is quieter here now. I am still rather over stimulated (according to Lynettea). I had to supervise the younger kitties and it was tiring work. I had to drag some of them off the woollen wall- hanging and rescue others who had fallen in the pond. The fish said they were glad the felines had now gone. But they told me that they were pleased I had had an exciting birthday.

Birthday food

Some kitties stayed over for breakfast. But this was the supper before they tucked in. The house was a bit messy afterwards, but Lynettea said it was only once a year and she hoped we all enjoyed it. There were several other tables, as she couldn't fit all the requested food on this one. She spent a long time trying to find the virtual food and packing it all on the table for us. The table is a virtual table too.
I think I may have a few unbirthdays as well this year.
We ate so much we have all slept in this morning and are now preparing for a very late breakfast.
We had to be quiet playing games, as Lynettea was trying to sleep.
Next year we will have the party a bit earlier and make a lot more racket.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sasha's 5th Birthday Party

I have been very slow in putting up an invitation for Sasha's virtual birthday party. We have been for a long walkies and sitties outside, with Sasha conducting me about on my lead, to keep me safe. We are now settling down and wondering what food to provide for visitors. Please use the comments to order what you would like to eat. We have an extensive virtual menu. After the food we will have various kitty games and entertainments, which I hope will not prove too damaging to the house. We still have to live in it tomorrow.
Welcome to all of Sasha's kitty friends!

What now? Still my BIRTHDAY

I got a new scratching post. I sat on the bottom carpeted part for a long time. Lynettea went out. I thought she was supposed to play with her 5 year old on his BIRTHDAY.
So then she came home.  It is going on evening meal time. What else happens on my BIRTHDAY?
You invited some kitties around to play for my BIRTHDAY TEA?
Well THANK YOU  to my faithful friends who visited, in any case.
I will be up at least until midnight to see if anyone else comes.

Lynettea says she will be in bed by then.
I might think up something especially exciting for kittoes to do.
Oh! That is forbidden? We will see!


My birthday. Up early. I am going to have a whacko time. First a sprint through my house with some high jumping.
More later.

Monday, February 12, 2018

What is This?

The shopping trolley is blocking up my sleeping area.  I hopped on top, but couldn't see what was inside. Why is she leaving it out? She set the alarm for early.