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Friday, October 20, 2017

But I am okay today

It is calm again today and everyone has gone. The termite spray people left yesterday. I am miaowing a lot and telling Lynettea what to do in case she has got out of practice.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

looking inside

But I can't get in and scared.

under my bus seat

I was fooled into going outside and am hiding under my bus seat in my enclosure. My cat door is locked so I can't get back into the house. My bus seat is fully enclosed with a cosy underneath, so I am safe here. The termite man is spraying under the floorboards. I hope he goes away soon.

In hiding

We were up early which is never good news. I was able to rush in and recline on the bed and Lynettea served me breakfast quickly.  I barely had a mouthful before painters arrived next door. That was not too bad, but next the termite people rushed in to our place. I am under the bed. Lynettea said I will have to come out later. A lot of noise. It is scary.

Before the noise started

Monday, October 16, 2017

getting purchase

Sometimes you just have to brace yourself on something to get the job done properly.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

I can't get used to daylight saving time

It is nearly 10:30 a.m. and I am still in bed and I don't want to get up. How come Lynettea is always springing up early nowadays, even in the weekend? I am just settling down. Daylight saving definitely disrupts my normal routine.
'Lazybones, Sasha. Get up. The day awaits!'

Let me alone! I have been at the window all night guarding the property while you slept!
'Okay. Good kitty! Take your time.'
I will!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Accidents will happen

One of the new things we got was a new microwave. The old microwave was not really old, but it started making a cracking noise and Lynettea was too frightened to use it. The microwave before that nearly burnt the house down, three years ago, and she didn't want to take any risks.
I agree. I remember having all the firemen come in their giant white suits like space creatures and me running past them out the front door, with the fire alarm screaming in my ears. I jumped over the fence and hid in Orla's shed. (Orla is the dog next door). Fortunately Orla didn't want to use the shed and didn't find me there. Orla's parents looked for me, but they couldn't find me either. I stayed out until 10 o'clock at night, when I miaouwed at my bedroom window for Lynettea to let me come inside. It was starting to get colder and I felt peckish.
She seemed to be in a terrible state and it took ages for me to calm her down.
No we don't  want a repeat of that!
Well, Lynettea spent a long time yesterday trying to get up courage to try the new microwave. After exhaustively reading all the instructions she could find, she put in a mug of carob milk to heat. Good. She sat down to drink it very appreciatively, having had no home heated food for several days.
I jumped up on the next chair.
Then she put her arm over to pat me, caught her hand in the handle of the mug and emptied the hot milk all over herself, the table, the chair and the floor. There was only a tiny amount left to drink.
It took us ages to clean it all up. I helped by miaowing. Fortunately no milk went on my furs. The velvet covered chair I was sitting on was drenched, so it was a lucky escape for me. We seemed to be cleaning and polishing so many things for hours.
Now she wants to work out how to heat a lentil pie in the air fryer she bought. It would be easier to bring home a hot pie from the shop, I think. There don't seem to be any recipes for heating things.
Or why not just open some foil packets of pre-prepared foods. That is all I get. Plus a few dried crispies from a bag.
Why is there always such a drama, is what I am thinking.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

not playing with the mousie

We got some new things. Not many, but that means our storage needs reorganizing.  While Lynettea was looking at our old things, she found some of my toys on a string in the shed.
'You never play with these, Sasha,' she said.
How could I play with them if they are packed away? The human at my place does not always use logic.
She brought out the toys and started waving them at me. She was really enjoying herself, so I grabbed a furry mock mouse and scrabbled it to entertain her. Sometimes I feel sorry for her. I went off down the hall and she pursued me, waving the mousie on its stick. You really have to wonder.
Then she waved electronic mouse at me. It has flashing blue eyes.  I never liked it.
It is past time for morning rest.
'Want a cuddlie, Sasha?'
Not just now, thank you!

Friday, October 6, 2017

What will happen next?

Today I am resting comfortably on the bed. Lynettea gave me a special hug and said not to be anxious. I can see she is anxious. When she says 'not to get worried' that can really set me off worrying. However I have decided to live for the day, at least today.
There is some banging around next door, so I don't feel comfortable in my cosy on the lounge. The bedroom feels safer.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

A long time since posting

I haven't been able to get to my computer for a very long time. Lynettea has been busy doing unnecessary things on it and ignoring what I have to say.
I have tried to attract her attention. I make her pay attention by miauwing and patting at her, so she knows she has to feed me and let me take her for her walkies.
The weather is getting warmer and it is nice to scramble through the garden and poke about, or to sprawl on the warm paving.
She says it is not good to hunt for lizards or leap at the fence, but I sometimes do.
At night I have had to be on alert for intruder cats, which means I need day rest.
Lynettea says she is trying to learn cat language. That might help us communicate better. After all I have learned to understand some human language. Why is it so hard for her to understand me?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

No Cat Fights

I am not allowed out at night to have cat fights with other cats. But I meow very loudly at the windows to drive them off. 
It is spring, although the nights are cold.
Lynettea says it is keeping me fit, rushing through the house from window to window. But only one is open and it has bars and insect screen. Better than nothing.
She wants to go to sleep, she says. But if I don't keep warning them off they won't leave my property.
My tail has gone bushy

Has the intruder gone?

Friday, September 8, 2017

Thinking of kitties in danger

I am lying here thinking of kitties who may be in danger in the dreadful storms.  We keep hearing news of Florida and have a friend there. But this is not the only place. Keep safe everyone. Look after your humans and take care yourelves. We hope animals are also considered in the rescues and evacuations.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

keeping your grip

When sleeping at night it is a good idea to keep your limbs under control. Otherwise who knows where you may end up?
After a comfortable sleep, an intrusive photo session.
What will the day bring?

Friday, September 1, 2017

No bucket

What do I want now? I am thinking about my numerous demands.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

She wants me to play with this ball now

This is  called distraction technique. She wants me to play with the ball. We went outside on the halter and sat for a long time in the sunshine. Now I am relaxing again in my enclosure. I need to think about my traumatic experience, but I will do that later. Now I will just spread myself out and relax. No more bucket.

Bucket comes off. What next?

You call that washing? My furs are a complete disgrace.
I need to groom myself all over.


Lynettea washed me this morning with a kitty wipe. This is just before.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I set the alarm off

If it wasn't bad enough being in the bucket, I set off the alarm when Lynettea went out to shop. I have to stay close to her I think. Everything seems to be going wrong lately. What a loud noise for my sensitive ears.

Another day in the Bucket

I didn't sleep much last night.
Lynettea refused to open the window, because she said it was too cold.
 I crouched outside her bedroom door for hours and when she came out in the middle of the night and saw me there, she was sorry and opened the window.
I spent the rest of the time supervising the yard from my window perch. It was tiring, as my bucket gets in the way.
I am lying here now waiting waiting waiting.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

when can I go out?

I can't get through my cat door. It is sunny outside. I want to sit on my chair in my enclosure.
'No, Sasha. You fell off your walkway with the bucket on your head. It's too dangerous!
When can I go out?
'We will try in 2 days time. If you are good.'
I am good. What do you mean. How can I be gooder? MIAOUW MIAOUW MIAOUW!!!
'We went out a short while ago and sat on the air conditioner in the sunshine and listened to the birds singing. Didn't you like that Sasha dear?'
I want to sit outside on my chair by myself in my own place without my halter on.
'Well you can't have everything.'

Monday, August 28, 2017

Cleaning the Bucket

How many days have I been trapped in this contraption? It needs cleaning.
 I can't reach my furs to clean them, so Lynettea is sponging me. She cleans the bucket too, if it gets something stuck on it.  But I have to clean something. Lynettea says it is cat instinct.
When will it come off? That is what I want to know. Or does she plan to keep me in it? Already it feels like forever.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

A cat visitor cheers me up

A cat friend in Queensland, called Marley sent a lovely picture of himself as a virtual visitor to cheer me up. I am still lying here passively, but am thinking about his kindness in thinking of me.
It is warm where he is in Queensland. I will fly there in my imagination and join him on the roof. He is looking at birds in the tree canopy and that would be entertaining for both of us.
Then we could jump down and have a game running across the lawn.

No-one wants to hear

Lynettea says my readers are probably tired of hearing about my problem of being trapped inside this plastic thing around my neck.
I spent most of the night looking out the front window at the street and longing to be free.
It was freezing cold, but I like fresh air.
Now we have the window shut and the heater on and I am getting a well-earned rest.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

still in the bucket

I failed the exam and am still in the bucket.
Lynettea had to bring me home again with it on my head.
When will it come off? My furs must grow faster. Can I bring them up with my willpower?
I am sitting on the stove, which is forbidden. In a moment she will snatch me off.
I have a new flat food tray, so I can eat my crisps with the bucket on.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

morning in the bucket

I have had a thorough massage and am ready for the day. Lynettea muttered something about the Vet tomorrow. It would be good if I could get out of this bucket. She said she is suffering more than me. She hates to see me in this.   But she is worried I will start licking again.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday sleep in bucket

Sunday rolls around again. I have had a thorough wash with a hypoallergenic kitty wipe, which I enjoyed, and my furs brushed. According to Lynettea I need to have my furs washed twice a day, because I cannot do self grooming. I don't complain. I would like to nestle and get washed and brushed and massaged even longer.
But I can still groom my toesies and I also help Lynettea groom the bucket.
I ate my jelly food early this morning and will now have a sleep in.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


I don't think she realizes the psychological impact this bucket is having on me.
I sometimes feel apathetic and just lie there wondering when this will all end. Does she plan on keeping me in this device forever. My furs would go grey with worry, if they were not grey already.
I am not eating as much as I did before.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

at the vet

Fortunately the waiting room is empty. I have a rain shelter on.
A pack of dogs arrived just after I wrote that. The vet nurse carried me in to the vet's room 2 to wait. It sounded as if the dogs were annoyed at one another. Bark! Bark! Bark!
Then the vet came in and examined me. I had good marks for furs growth, but failed at getting the bucket removed.
After that we went home.
I took Lynettea out for a short walkies to destress, although she seemed relieved to be home. We took Uber both ways and the drivers were helpful loading my cage.. And it didn't rain. My waterproof sheet nearly blew off in the wind, but it didn't, as Lynettea grabbed it. She tries to be helpful, I think, but she doesn't take enough notice of what I tell her to do.
Now I have to go back again in a week. Will it never end?
When will my normal lifestyle resume?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

resting comfortably

I tried to go hunting again last night, but it was rainy. She says I am not allowed to hunt. She said the skink had gone from where she left it, so perhaps it was only stunned. If so, it is still out there for me.
What! I am not allowed to touch it?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Life in a Bucket

 I am able to sleep comfortably, now I have worked out different positions, as the bucket flattens when I lie on it. I can eat my soft food and my crispies. I can drink. Sometimes water drips on the surface of my bucket when I drink and Lynettea wipes it off.
I am not doing as much dashing around the house, but I jump onto the tables and benches and the bed and the sink, as usual.
At first I had to feel my way along the walls, but the edge of the plastic scraped against everything. When I came to a piece of furniture, or a door frame, the bucket jammed against it until I managed to edge to the side. Now I am walking further from the walls and do not have this problem.
Today it was raining and I stayed inside.
Yesterday we went for two lots of walkies, because Lynettea says she wants me to have as normal a life as possible. In the middle of the day I took her down the street for a sniff around. Not too far from my house, but further than usual.
Then, at twilight, I took her down the path at the side of the house. Lynettea stood staring vaguely around, as usual. I sat very quietly, watching and waiting.
Suddenly, quick as a whip, a fat skink darted out from behind a bin and dashed across the path. I leaped forward and snatched it into my mouth.
What a fuss! Lynettea picked me up and tried to get me to drop it, but I had it inside the bucket. She tried to prize my mouth open. Then I dropped it. Then she tilted me so the skink fell out of the bucket. Even though I was wriggling and twisting, she carried me inside, shut the gate and unbuckled my halter.
Then she went out into the garden again. When she came back inside, she said the skink was dead and she felt sad. She likes lizards. Sometimes I think she likes lizards better than cats. She said she had put it in the garden among the bluebells.
I ate my usual packet cat food for dinner. Fresh reptile might have been better.

How to sleep in a bucket

This might be useful information for other kitties, so Lynettea suggested she take some photos of me to share.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

nice piece of sunshine

Even if your head is in a bucket you can still enjoy a nice piece of sunshine.
I have worked out how to eat my foods and went for walkies on the lead.
I am getting complete all over washes with kitty wipes twice a day.
I have the window open at night so I can see through the grill and insect wires to check what is going on.
A couple of things I haven't worked out yet.
Lynettea says it is too dangerous for me to go on my walkways.  So I have to stay in unless on my lead.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Princess Aurora passes away

As if I don't have enough problems. I need to let my friends know that my fish friend Princess Aurora suddenly passed away a couple of weeks ago. I think it was more than two weeks. Directly after that I got this furs loss problem.
The fish are missing their Princess and have not decided who is in charge of the pond. I am not even allowed out to visit them now, as I nearly fell off my walkway while wearing the bucket yesterday.
I am allowed out on my lead only.
This is a pity for the fish, as they are in urgent need of supervision.
Princess Aurora passes to Rainbow Bridge Pond

head in a bucket

I need your best wishes, fellow kitties.
I can't seem to get this inconvenient thing off my head. I have to feel my way around the walls. My food is now on flat plates and paper, so I can eat. This bowl was too difficult. I can lie down in an awkward position. What it is all about I don't know.
Just because I licked my furs.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Lurking and hiding

I went into my velvet house very early this morning so Lynettea could not put any of the nasty tasting fluid on me. She is hoping that I don't lick or scratch anything.
It has been very disruptive. My furs look messy and I am not getting any cuddlies. Lynettea does not want to get any of the stuff on her, she says.
I stay up during the night, guarding the house.
The night before last, while SHE slept I caught a cockroach and killed it. Not a word of thanks for defeating the cockroach armies trying to invade from the garden.
I am taken for granted and now my furs are covered with muck.
I might just stay in here and not come out.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

nasty wound

I have a nasty wound and had to go to the vet yesterday. My vet said it is a self inflicted trauma. It might be from an insect bite, but I don't have fleas.
Lynettea has to put liquid on it that tastes bad and I am not to scratch or I will get the bucket, she says. On my head. I wonder what that is.
I had a miserable night.