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Sunday, April 30, 2017


Lynettea bought me this paper bag toy used by real scouts at the scout outdoor centre when she got a rucksack. I think the rucksack is too big for me. I will be old enough to join scouts in a few years, I think. I am practicing my skills.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ready for a Game

My favourite time for a game is late evening.
Here I am, ready to rush out and demolish all the wrapping from the day's shopping. I batted this box around the room. The best game was crunching the giant brown paper bag and hiding inside.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Rugged Up

The weather has turned cold and rainy, so Lynettea has covered my igloo with rugs to keep me warm. She has relocated it under the umbrella. 
I am hardly getting a look in to maintain my blog. She says she is working on another project.

Friday, April 14, 2017

what to do next?

I have had a massage all over with my kitty massager and my baby brush. My food trays are full. It is midnight. What anout a run around the house?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sunshiny Day

I have been reclining in my outdoor cane igloo most of the day. Lynettea carried out all sorts of housework this morning while I snoozed. Of course I had to listen to her sweeping and washing, but it is soothing to hear one's human servant at work.
As a reward, I took her out for walkies after lunch and inspected where she had swept up the leaves. She did a good job. Some leaves were still left for me.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Adjusting to normal time

I am having difficulty in adjusting to normal time after we finished daylight saving time last Saturday. Lynettea goes to bed even later than before and it is more difficult to get her up early. The best hours of the day are being wasted.
I am back using my winter cosy, as the weather is cooler.
And she has reduced my posting time, because she says she is busy.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Passion for Pasta

I love it when Lynettea cooks pasta. I love to help her. I love to get a pasta spiral and suck it. If it is good, i suck it a little to make it mushy and flexible.
For some strange reason I am not allowed to do this. 
When I tried to do it this evening, she made me go into the hall and shut the door.  Never mind, when I got into the  kitchen again, I managed to lick her dinner bowl before she could stop me.
Then we went outside with the halter on. As soon as I went through the gate, a big raindrop fell on my back, so I ran back inside. Then it poured with rain. Just as well I warned Lynettea. Otherwise all her clothes would have got wet.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


When my food bowl needs filling, I stare at her until it is refreshed.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Basket Nap

I was sleeping in my basket on the washing machine this morning, while Lynettea talked to her sister on the phone. They talked for a long time. Every time one said they should go, they found something else to talk about.
Exhausted after my work trying to analyse data at the Skype conference and my efforts advising Lynettea what to say, I enjoyed my rest.
So I have gone back to sleep again.
Will there be hunting this evening? I dream of skinks and geckos.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I had to go out much earlier today, as we had a Skype conference this evening.
    I looked for lizards, but could not find any, particularly as Lynettea kept pulling me away from dead leaves and groundcover. So I stretched out on the path for a while.
    I had to rest, because I find these Skype conferences exhausting. I am always waiting to give my advice and Lynettea pats me when I miaouw. No-one else listens to me. It is just the voices coming out of the speakers.
    I sat on my post for a while and then went to the lounge, stretched out and fell asleep. It is very very humid and warm after the huge downpour we had yesterday. Like the tropics. My fur is not used to it.

Ginger Cat

This ginger cat was sitting outside its house when Lynettea went past. Ginger Cat kindly allowed Lynettea to take a photo.
Why she would wish to photograph a strange cat, I don't know.

Monday, March 20, 2017


In Australia, where I live, cats are regarded as feral animals. There are campaigns to get rid of cats that are not domestic. Only the other day, Lynettea would not let me see an article in the paper about a cat hunter, with a picture of him among his cat pelts and stuffed cats. He talked about selling one of the stuffed cats to people who put it on the lounge and treated it as a regular pet.

Apparently the feral cats are killing a lot of native animals. The native animals are not used to cats hunting them, so they are not wary enough. We are good hunters, so would probably catch them anyway.

So it is best for me to stick inside and only go out with Lynettea to protect me. I also look after her.
But it is not as much fun chasing a ping pong ball or tossing a fluffy toy in the air. So I enjoy my hunting, when I get the chance.

NOTE: If cats are feral, what are humans? Humans destroy more.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Because of last night's hunt, I am not allowed to take Lynettea out for walkies this evening.
I am not sure if this is to punish her or me.
MIAOUW MIAOUW. It is dark and I can hear the lizards rustling in the fallen leaves.
It is still hot outside, with more hot weather tomorrow.
I put my paws up to her.
MIAOUW. Can't we go outside?
'Maybe tomorrow morning,' she says.

Gecko Beware

All geckos should be wary of cats. They should run into the undergrowth silently. Any cat can hear the least rustle of a gecko from a distance. Any lizards reading this blog, take warning. Skinks and geckos, pass the message on to your friends.

I have been forced to write the message above. Lynettea said she was unappreciative of my behaviour. So in order to keep the peace in our household, I am doing as she says (on this occasion).
    Last evening we went for our twilight walkies. It had been a hot day at 34͒ C and I had been relaxing in my seagrass chair while Lynettea did some work on the computer.
    Now it was My Time. Hunting Time.
    I began by probing a patch of dry leaves near some empty potting containers.  Lynettea pulled me away, as usual, so I lay down and rolled over and over on the warm concrete driveway. The warmth seeped through my furs onto my skin. Luxury.
    We stayed there for a while and then I took her into the street and checked out the tyres of several parked cars and sniffed around the Stobie pole. A jogger ran past in the centre of the road and I crouched down. I mingle with the twilight in my velvety grey fur and he did not seem to notice me.
    I took Lynettea back into our yard. Then - quicker than an arrow : I have a gecko in my mouth, run down the side path and into my enclosure. Still wearing my halter and lead, I dart through the cat flap, without catching the lead, and up the hall.
    'What have you got, Sasha,' she says. Sees the gecko tail on the floor.
    'Is there something in your mouthie, Sasha?' 
    She picks me up. 'Careful, Sasha. Don't squash it!'
    She carries me down the hall and into the kitchen. Are we going to cook it? I am Distracted. Gecko drops to floor.
    'In here, Sasha!' She thrusts me into the hall and slams the door.
    Then I can hear her.
    'Come here, dear gecko. Mummy will pick you up. Quiet. Quiet. Don't run away. I will take you outside.'
    Back door slams. Then, after an interval, the door into the kitchen opens.
    'It's okay, Sasha. You can come in now.'
    She brings in a broom to look for the lizard tail, but it has vanished.

I bolted through the house a few times and checked all around my enclosure for the intruder.

Friday, March 17, 2017

My Massage

Here I am after enjoying a thorough massage with my new massage brush. Lynettea bought it for my birthday. At first I was not keen on it, but now I relish a good massage and ask for one most days.
The brush makes my skin feel stimulated all over.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I was just telling bear this morning

I was just telling bear this morning how a cat advanced scientific knowledge by inspiring a famous scientist.
I am referring to the famous cat Trim,  who took Matthew Flinders, the Explorer, and his friend, the botanist Robert Brown, with him on the voyage to circumnavigate Australia.
Lynettea heard a talk about this yesterday. Robert Brown discovered Brownian motion, by looking through a microscope at the pollen of plants he collected on the voyage.  The particles in water moved in a jiggly motion reminiscent of the antics of a cat darting here and there on the deck of the boat, chasing after a ship's rat.
Only these particles were even more lively and restless. They jiggled all the time, as if they were being bounced around by some tiny and invisible things.
But there was only clear water. So what could these other things be?
Unfortunately for Brown, Trim had gone with Matthew Flinders after the voyage, so he was not there to help find the answer.
In 1905, physicist Albert Einstein explained that water molecules were banging into the pollen grains and making them jump around. We don't know if Einstein had a cat who helped him in his important work.
IMPORTANT NOTE : We just found out that Einstein had a helper cat called Ernest.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Switch off the light

Excuse me!
Switch off the light.
I am trying to get some sleep.  It is late.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday Selfie

Lynettea says this is a wonderful photo of my eyes.
I am not so sure.
And I would like some more cuddlie. My claws are reaching out to remind you.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Cats tatooing one another

Cats tatooing each other. Lynettea thought this was 'gorgeous'and I should post the link. Personally, I think the artist is being too imaginative in the designs, although if he has observed cats tatooing one another with fish, what can I say?

Monday, March 6, 2017

Napping with two of my bears

Moon bear and tiny blue bear are napping with me.

The other bears stayed in their cosy

And I fell asleep

Is this funny?

The reading of my work went well, Lynettea told me. People even laughed at the last of my haiku she read.
I felt mortified.  This was my most serious haiku, talking about cat/human relations.

game of thrones
the cat assumes
the best seat

They laughed at some of her works too, she said.  I felt embarrassed for her.
At least the stress of anticipation was over. Whatever was done, was done.
It was a cool evening after days of heat and I rushed through the house, banging the gate, leaping up to the washbasin in the bathroom and down. Clatter, clatter, bang! All my bears tossed from their cosy to the floor.


Sunday, March 5, 2017

My poems being read today

Some of my haiku will be read today at The Fringe Arts Festival. Lynettea has offered to read them for me, as I don't like car travel. She has to go to Lobethal, a small town outside Adelaide, to read them at The Woollen Mill.
No sheep will attend either, as they stopped making woollen things at the mill a long time ago and it is now used by local artists.
Lynettea is one of four poets reading and there will also be an art exhibition, a haiku workshop, and some music and a haiku wall.
Just as well she has me to write works for her.
I will stay at home and hope she does not fluff it up.
Sasha: Haiku Poet

Saturday, March 4, 2017

When the Jet Planes Flew Overhead

When the aerial display of planes flew right over my house, I went underbed. Lynettea said I looked scared. They will fly again tomorrow, she tells me.
After they went away, I came out and had a brush with my massage brush that I got for my birthday.
 Lynettea was surprised that when she asked me if I wanted to have a brush, I came out straight away. She doesn't think I can understand what she is saying.  Perhaps that is why she sometimes tries to miaouw to me. She tries a sort of pidgin miaouw, without proper tones and accents. I can't understand it at all.

The first beam of sunlight

The first beam of sunlight pours through the window onto my summer bed. Another hot day coming up, but the air through the window is cool.
In this weather, we only think of weather.
I am having my Saturday sleep in because the street is quiet.
Soon the buzzing of the car race will start, coming all the way from the parklands.  Can I hear something now? The sun is getting brighter.
I woke Lynettea at 6 am by headbutting her. She quickly got up to serve my breakfast and then I went back to bed for a nap.
I like my new breakfast time, as I feel more in control.

Friday, March 3, 2017

It is too hot for me in my furs

I managed to drag myself out here to the kitchen and lie on the floorboards, waiting for Lynettea to get home and switch on the airconditioner.
And no, I don't want my furs shaved. They are short already.

This is my chair now.

I have tossed all my teddies to the floor and this will be my new sleeping place.
It is too hot for me outside. So I will stay in. At least for a while.
If I get up quickly, Lynettea may put the teddies back.
I did not realize before that this chair is perfectly designed to fit me.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Morning has Risen

I am in my rightful position at the end of the bed. After my early morning breakfast, Lynettea decided to try to sleep some more. When the alarm clock radio came on, I leaped up. I am better than the alarm.
It is forecast to be 37°C today.  I will need to rest.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Watching the Movie

Lynettea went to see 'A Streetcat named Bob' movie today. She said we can watch it together when it comes to television.
I hope she is not getting any ideas of going out on the street with me like that. I think she is totally hopeless at singing and she does not have a guitar.
Of course I would attract all the attention, but it might be embarrassing for me if she tried to sing or play anything.
And I don't think I would enjoy all those people staring at me and trying to feel my soft furs.

As beautiful as Bob the Streetcat

What do you mean? You were thinking I was as beautiful as Bob the Streetcat!
I may be more beautiful!
And I may be better at catching lizards.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

New time for Breakfast

I have decided to have breakfast every morning at 6 am. This time suits me better than waiting for Lynettea to get up. Miaouw miaouw miaouw miaouw.
After breakfast I can make an early start on napping for the day.
It has been cooler for the last few nights, so I am using this special scarf knitted for me by a friend who understands my needs. 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Trim the Explorer Cat with Matthew Flinders

Here is some extra information about one of my heroes: Trim the Explorer Cat.

At this angle, the human clearly dominates the picture. But you can see Trim, on the alert and looking for dangers and surveying places never seen by a cat before him.

More about Trim and some pictures of Trim can be found here and there:
Matthew Flinders wrote a book about Trim. We have a copy of the book with delightful illustrations by Annette Macarthur-Onslow.

Matthew Flinders says:
‘Many and curious are the observations which [Trim] made in various branches of science, particularly in the natural history of small quadrupeds, birds and flying fish, for which he had much taste. These with his remarks upon men and manners, if future leisure should enable me to put them into order, I may perhaps give to the world; and from the various seas and countries he has visited, joined to his superior powers for distinguishing obscure subjects, and talents for seizing them, these observations may be expected to be more interesting than … imaginary adventures.’

The text of the book can be found here

More pictures and information on Trim: Pictures from Wikipedia of Trim at Mitchell Library, Sydney. Their café is named after Trim.

Trim's statue by John Cornwell behind Matthew Flinders's own in Sydney, Australia.

Plaque dedicated to Trim at Mitchell Library, Sydney
Another statue of Trim, in Donington, Lincs, Flinders' birthplace Link

Prince William admires the statue of Trim the Explorer Cat.
His human Matthew Flinders is in the foreground. 
The bronze memorial was unveiled at Australia House, in central London.

Trim has had several books written about him or based on his adventures, including a children's book and a Facebook page dedicated to him.

Trim, the Explorer Cat who sailed with Matthew Flinders

Today commemorates the 215th anniversary of the arrival of the explorer cat Trim with his human, Matthew Flinders, at Port Lincoln in South Australia.
A special statue of Trim and Flinders will be unveiled today at Port Lincoln by the Governor of South Australia Hieu Van Le.
Lynettea says she will find something more about this for me to add.
Trim was the first cat to circumnavigate Australia and there is a book written about him by Matthew Flinders, his faithful human, who looked after Trim while he carried out his important tasks. We have a copy.

Good Morning Sunshine

'What a strange way to sleep, Sasha!'
I am curled up here because the bright morning sunshine is resting on my bed and the noise of the traffic is rushing through the window.
'I am shutting the window and slanting the Venetian blinds, Sasha.'
Good. After a tiring day yesterday in my underbed cosy while my roof was being fixed, I need some relaxation.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Crouched in Fear

The morning started well.
I leaped on the bed at 6.15 am  to wake Lynettea.  She had to get up early to get ready for the builder arriving at 8 am to repair my roof.
She was not grateful, as she shrieked and looked at her alarm clock. She said the alarm was set for 6.30 and glared at me, but got up anyway.
First of all I had breakfast and then we went on a lizard hunt in the garden.
Lynettea was annoyed that I caught a skink and dropped the tail. She shook me a bit and I dropped the skink, which hid under a tissue that dropped from her pocket.
I wanted to get it back and wriggled a lot, but she forcibly carried me inside.
Then I had some more breakfast from my bowl and did a few more morning exercises: a bit of sink jumping and dashing up and down the corridor.
Now the builder is here and he is in my enclosure, so I am hiding in my underbed cosy.
There is a lot of banging.
I don't like that.
I think I will stay here. It might be time for my nap.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

My hail holes will be repaired tomorrow

Yesterday, we had a phone call. The insurance people will be coming to repair my roof tomorrow.
Lynettea said that after my roof is repaired, I will be able to sit outside, even in a thunderstorm.
I don't think I fancy that.
'I won't force you to sit outside, Sasha,' she told me. 'But tomorrow you will have to stay inside while the roof is repaired.'
The hailstorm punched all the holes at the beginning of November 2016, a long time ago now.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


No! Don't bury me under all the bed covers!
Miaouw Miaouw Miaouw!!!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Cool Night

For the first time in months, we had a cool night and I slept in my cosy.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Lynettea claimed I was disrupting her from getting her meal, by jumping on the counter, so she shut the kitchen door, with me on the outside.
But I forgave her.
When she opened the door, I showed her how tolerant I am by jumping in the sink five times in a row.
Few humans would be as tolerant of bad behaviour as we kitties.

No. It is not Cute Photo Time

No. I will not stay in the wardrobe and have my dear little face photographed peeking out between clothes.
Yes. I want to bolt down the corridor and swipe at everything that hangs or flutters.
No. Don't tap into that phone.
Yes. I want my feeding station refilled.
At once!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Languages and Cats

Cats from many different countries visit my blog. Lynettea was concerned that when I had cat visitors to my birthday party, they might not be able to understand one another.
I was surprised at this. She has a lot of difficulty understanding me and cannot understand the language of humans from other countries (except for a few).
On the other hand, cats from anywhere can understand one another. You don't find a Chinese kitty unable to communicate with a  French kitty, or a kitty from USA being unable to understand a kitty from Russia, or Germany. Humans could learn a lot from us if they wanted to.

Under the Palm Tree

Here I am in my cane igloo under my palm tree on a sunny, but still mild morning.
It isn't a very big palm tree, but restful to have it nearby, as it reminds me of nature.
My birdbath is just beyond the trellis in the garden. Some birds may dart down for a splash in the water.
Tranquil and peaceful.
I can hear the fountain as the water falls from the mouth of the dragon into the pond. How would you describe that sound? I might drift off to sleep thinking of it . . .

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Thanks for coming to my Birthday Party

Lynettea says I should put a special post to thank all the kitties who came to my Fourth Birthday Party.


She said it was a little difficult to cope with the numbers of cats that arrived, and we could not have managed if they had not been virtual visitors. I am not sure what virtual visitors means. I did not count them, but Lynettea tells me that a total of 547 virtual kitties were running through the house during the day and evening.
I took some of them on a rat hunt down the side of the house. Lynettea had a bunch of party style decorated halters, but she found it difficult to follow us, especially when I led them under the crab-apple tree and into the Westringia bushes. I am not allowed to go there, because Lynettea says she can't crouch down far enough, but as it was a party, she allowed us to have elastic extension leads, so we could go farther than usual.
But we were not allowed to catch any rats, even though we could smell the creatures on the ground and on the fence palings. I was also told not to bring back any lizard tails, moths, butterflies, grasshoppers etc etc. But everyone enjoyed sniffing for them.
After that we went under the grape vine and played in my catnip plantation. I don't bother with the scent, but many of the kitties found it VERY EXCITING.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all kitties who visit our blog and to all the humans who visit. We hope you all have a special day.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Party Games

Join us for some party games to celebrate Sasha's birthday!
This is a blog hop from The Cat on My Head. I picked it up at Lone Star Cats. Please join Sasha for his fourth birthday party. All welcome.

I Spent Most of My Birthday in Prison

I was settling in to enjoy my birthday. We had a game with my tunnel in the loungeroom and I allowed Lynettea to brush my furs for a short time.
We went for a walkies, as it was cool and pleasant in the garden.
Then I had another helping of my favourite jelly food and leaped on the washing machine.  I was turning around in my cosy preparing for my morning nap, when I heard strangers at the door.
'It is your guests, Sasha, for your birthday treat,' said Lynettea.
I bolted into the bedroom and into my underbed cosy, where I feel safe.
The three visitors were not my friends. They were Lynettea's friends from the gym. One of them asked where I was, but after that they chatted and did not try to find me. Lynettea told them it was my birthday and I was resting.
After they left, Lynettea decided to change the water in the fishpond and do some gardening, so she shut my door, trapping me in the front of the house. It was as if I were in prison.
'But Sasha, you still haven't come out!"
She is trying to fob me off.
'I will come out when I feel like it.'
I hope the rest of my birthday is better.